5 Government agencies still gov’in, despite shutdown

After a fourth Senate vote rejecting the Republican-led House’s anti-Obamacare spending plan, the federal government shut down Oct. 1. However, not every government worker gets a vacation – “essential” employees, particularly those involved with national security, those funded privately or multi-annually, and those whose responsibilities are deemed integral to protection of life and property. Depending on the status of the organization and the funding available, essential employees may or may not receive compensation for their time.The Office of Management and Budget has asked agencies to determine which employees will stay and which will go home.

1. US Courts: The US Courts will remain in operation for 10 days, as remaining funds allow.

2. Congressional Offices: By law, employees with constitutionally designated responsibilities are required to remain working, regardless of funding availability.

3. Active Duty Military: All 1,400,000 active employees of the Department of Defense are considered “essential.” A recent bill ensures that they will be paid for their time.

4. The Peace Corps: Though a large portion of the domestic workers were furloughed, the Peace Corps determined it would be “dangerous and expensive” to bring overseas volunteers back to the US. The deployments will see no change in compensation. 

5. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid: The Department of Health and Human Services will continue to provide most insurance- and Affordable Care Act-related duties. Though approximately half of the workers were furloughed, the agency does not expect significant interruptions for the Medicare Program.

Information regarding open agencies obtained from CNN’s recent list. 

By Chloe Woodruff


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