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How the Government Shutdown could Affect You

By: Amelia Buchanan If you are anything like me, when the government shutdown you were completely unaware of how the event could impact you. In my mind, my life and the running of the government are separate. When I stumbled … Continue reading

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5 Times Internet Memes Acted as Social Commentary

Written By: Nina Monet Reynoso I’m not the first, and I certainly won’t be the last one to delve into the world of internet memes. Following the growth of internet memes and their relation to popular culture and current events, … Continue reading

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5 Government agencies still gov’in, despite shutdown

After a fourth Senate vote rejecting the Republican-led House’s anti-Obamacare spending plan, the federal government shut down Oct. 1. However, not every government worker gets a vacation – “essential” employees, particularly those involved with national security, those funded privately or … Continue reading

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