Eric Hartsburg, the independent professional wrestler from Northern Indiana had the Romney-Ryan campaign logo tattooed on his face in exchange for $15,000, has officially announced that he will have the tattoo removed.

While some speculated that he would have a change of heart once the $15,000 ran out, Hartsburg claims that it was Romney’s comment that President Obama bought his reelection with “gifts” to women, minorities and college students was what changed his mind. He said that he would have been willing to keep the tattoo of the losing campaign  but “to be such a sore loser about it, to me I can’t walk around representing that.” 

Further, Hartsburg was very disappointed by the campaigns’ failure to acknowledge his support: “I think I’m bitter,” he said. “I think I got snubbed by Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan. … I didn’t get so much as a t-shirt or an email.”

So what was his real motive for the face tattoo? According to my fellow Hoosier Hartsburg, it really wasn’t about the money or the fame. His ultimate intention for the tattoo:

 “to make politics fun.”

Turns out, he wasn’t the first one promoting political engagement via permanent body art.

Check out these fun political tattoos!

–Roxanne Butler



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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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