Isreal vs the UN

Over the past few weeks we have seen quite a few developments through out the Middle East. The first was a breaking of a cease fire between Hamas and Israel, then their was President Morsi brokering another cease fire then right after that running a power play against Egypt judicial system, and on top of all that the UN just voted Palestine a ‘non participating observer state.’ These are all pretty big developments, especially the last one. For the first time we can see the outlines of a 2 state system developing. If peace was brought to the highly contentious area it could easily translate and help stabilize middle eastern politics. A 2 state system would go a long way in improving eastern and western relationships. However Israel stands in the way of these improvements.

The country that is at the heart of so many controversies now seems to be acting almost as a rogues state. After the vote to grant Palestine nationhood Israel responded with a plan to build houses in Palestinian territory. The plan is to build on 4.6 square miles of land in sector E1 which is right outside Jerusalem. Building on this Territory would cut right in the middle of Palestine and make the two state system virtually impossible. The goal is to connect some Jewish settlements with Jerusalem, making the contentious city fully apart of Israel.


This action prompted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu has been condemned by the UN and many states within the UN like Britain and France. There have been reports that the two nations have considered pulling their ambassadors from Israel ( It would be an unprecedented move that would clearly send a strong message.  The actions taken by Israel in response to the UN are the kind of actions only rouge states would act on. They seem to be following the unilateral activities that their big brother America championed whit the war in Iraq in 2003. In some ways Netnyahu could be doing this for vote with the upcoming elections in Israel, he wants to appear strong in front of his people and this is one way to do it. But I think most people, including Americans, feel that this is unnecessary. After the 21 day carpet bombing assault on Palestine in 2008-09 that resulted in 930 civilian deaths, many people started to switch their opinion on Israel, and now we see this happening in the UN. The results of UN condemnation on Israel could bring about peace in the Middle East.


Imran Chandoo


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