Global Warming or Brewer 2016?

Jan Brewer

This weekend Governors convened in Arizona for the the winter session of Western Governors Association. Brewer was the keynote speaker of the weekend meeting. However only 2 of the 19 attendants came to see her speak. Oops. The lack of attendance seemed to stem from her response to an issue regarding global warming.

Brewer’s response to the issue of global warming could not have been worse, seeing as the convention she hosted focused on the future of energy. This lack of an audience also could be rooted from the republican party’s desire to attract Latino voters according to The Daily Beast Brewer who is known so well for her anti-immigration reform poses a threat for this new target audience. Distance seems to be the only strategy which could gain Latino voters for the GOP. The Republican party’s dwindling base and need to head in a more moderate direction, seems to be reason to start cutting off the more radical edges of the party like Brewer.

Brewer radical action such as ordering that no “Dreamers”, or as she likes to put it “illegals”, can obtain drivers licenses. This set off a very clear divide in the state which was building for quite sometime between the older whites, and the younger people of color. As the state’s population demographics change, the conservative stronghold in the west seems positioned to fall in the next 8 years. Its seems like a state which has continually gone red, will finally turn into the blue to match its neighbor California. This means that people like Gov. Brewer will no longer have a place within her own state. This might be good however, because it does not look like Governor Jan will be leaving the public eye anytime soon. Various reports have speculated that she could possibly run for the oval office in 2016.


Myell Mergaert


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