Talk to the people!

Obama encourages Americans to speak out about their tax policy.

Obama encourages Americans to speak out about their tax policy to the dismay of Republicans.

Fox News published a story this week entitled “Republicans rip Obama for campaign-style approach to fiscal talks”. Republican leaders are frustrated with Obama’s choice of audience, the people, indicating “the campaign is over”.

But why shouldn’t Obama go to the people for support? CNN has expressed concerns about “whether Congress can adequately and swiftly address the situation”. With such gridlock in Congress, Obama’s efforts to lobby support in Washington would mostly likely be futile, especially in the House.

The New York Times, on the other hand, published a story on the same topic, but with a completely different title: “In Latest Campaign, Obama Takes Deficit Battle to the Public”. They further describe Obama’s tactics which include encouraging the people to contact their representatives, even encouraging the use of the hashtag “#My2K”.

The campaign email list is even getting familiar sounding messages, but without the plea for money:

“You’re changing an entire policy conversation. And we have to keep it up.

There’s no denying the power of your voices.

Will you speak out today?”

Shouldn’t Congress be working for us and following the people’s sentiment? As Jay Carney stated, “to suggest that we should, now that the election’s over, stop talking to the American people about these vital issues is, I think, bad advice”.

The Republican leadership seems to think otherwise; they feel that Obama should be appealing directly to Congress. But isn’t that skipping a step? Congress should want to listen to the sentiments of their electorate and not discourage a dialogue about the type of tax plan that the people want.

Shelby King


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