To Modernize or not to Modernize: Conflict within the Pentagon


Economically the Pentagon is struggling. To make matters worse, by 2021 the pentagon is expected to cut 487 billion dollars from its spending budget and another 500 billion if they sequestration occurs.  Still, although there is a threat of sequestration looming over their heads much of the Pentagon’s financial budget is sucked up by large internal growth costs.


In total, these 987 billion possible dollars of spending cuts represent 31 percent of the entire pentagon budget. With these potential budget cuts pending, the Pentagon is faced with a difficult decision: Downsize the U.S military’s numbers or to modernize itself but with smaller numbers.


Clark Murdock, Senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), believes that modernization should come first in the Pentagon’s planning. As he explains, if the Pentagon wishes to avoid sequestration and still keep to its budget, they will need to remove 455,000 troops reducing the Department of Defense’s size to roughly 845,000.

I agree with Mr. Murdock. I believe that modernization is an important aspect of a strong military and future. If we do not modernize our military as the years go by, we will slowly begin to fall behind the other countries in the world and no longer be able to protect ourselves against them; Calvary and cannons are nothing against nuclear warheads. Besides as the old saying goes: brains over brawn. Even the largest muscle military can be beaten with the right strategies and tools.


Caroline Marso


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