Obama’s Second Term: Fighting the Corporate World

In The Nation’s December issue, journalists pour over the victories of 2012 such as the war on women and the slight, but noteworthy, diminishment of the drug war. 

Regardless of these victories, Democracy is still in trouble and that fact is outlined in a few of the articles. One that stands out is, “After The Vote, Changing the System” by Peter Dreier and Donald Cohen. Campaign Finance Reform. If America was to make such a reform, then the amount of big business and money that controls the Chamber of Commerce and other major lobby groups would cease to do so. 


Republicans typically side with the corporate motives and when Obama was elected for his first term, the corporate world wanted to make sure he would only get one term. Obama continuously proposed taxing the wealthy and regulating corporations as a “job killer”, which made the corporate world along with the Chamber of Commerce around its finger to oppose every proposal sent their way. Through their efforts, Obama prevailed and continued to push through. FDR once said, “I welcome their hatred” when we faced the same adversity against “organized money”. 



Dreier and Cohen explain that “In Obama’s second term, activists need to be bolder and more audacious, like the suffragists, strikers and civil rights crusaders before them” (Dreier & Cohen, The Nation, p. 22). The campaign finance reform would restore the balance of power in America, an important aspect of democracy itself. It would ensure that donations come from large groups of smaller donors rather than large, wealthy corporations. 


The Voting Reform proposed in this article would make voter registration more easy to obtain through the Voter Empowerment Act. The turnout of people on election day continues to drop, so making election day a national holiday may spike the numbers, so people don’t have prior engagements and can go vote. 

Labor Law Reform needs to happen because unions are extremely important to counteract the power of the large corporations. Workers however continue to get fired or punished for supporting unionization. It is their right as workers to organize and that right needs to be protected.


In Obama’s second term, the American people need to really fight to get these reforms into motion and to stop the corporate world from running our country. 

Obama Won, Now It’s Time To Change The System – The Nation

– Zoe Hamilton


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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