Forty-Nine Nifty United States?

Texas Secession Petition

In the 2012 election Mitt Romney won Texas with over 1.3 million votes. Instead of accepting the American decision to have President Barack Obama lead our country for the next four years, Texans have been handling the loss of their preferred candidate by using an extreme method of rebellion and signing a petition to secede from the Union.  The White House will review any petition with 25,000 signatures within 30 days (this petition was filed on November 9th so the White House’s deadline is December 9).  Although all fifty states have secession petitions on the White House’s “We the People” website, currently South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio all have secession petitions with the required 25,000 signatures needed.  But none of these states have nearly as many signatures as Texas.  With the prospect of Texas forming its own country becoming more and more realistic, the notoriously liberal citizens in the city of Austin have even started a petition to secede from Texas in an attempt to separate themselves from the mostly conservative citizens in the rest of Texas.


What are some possible problems that could occur if Texas was successful in seceding?

-The last time part of the country wanted to secede the United States ended up in a bloody, fatal civil war; history    is constantly repeating itself

-New Texas will have to have a process for citizenship and passports since the current citizens will be stripped of their US citizenship

-It will have to come up with a new currency-It will have to forfeit social security and Medicare

-New Texas will have to compensate the US for lands and improvements made in Texas such as courthouses, prisons, museums, parks, or military bases


It seems like this is all basically a non-issue, based on secession precedents of the past.  There have been many attempts at secession in our country’s past but the petitions are usually forgotten or ignored in the long run.  In 1868, Texas v. White ruled that states lacked the power to secede. Texas Governor Rick Perry has vocalized in favor of Texas’ secession in the past to deal with his frustration with the federal government; however, he does not support this current petition.  Even though the reasons listed on the petition for seceding are not blatantly racist, many citizens argue that racism is the main reason for the secession.  Those that believe this are completely outraged.  Texas Nationalist Movement President, Daniel Miller, has been leading the movement of this petition and disputes the racism explanation by stating, “This is not a reaction to a person but to policy and what we see as a federal government that is so disconnected from its constituents and absolute no regard for what its purpose was.”  There are a number of different reasons Texas wants to secede, including fringe-right politics, the current national deficit, Texas nationalism, and economic independence. “In Texas, talk of secession in recent years has steadily shifted to the center from the fringe right. It has emerged as an echo of the state Republican leadership’s anti-Washington, pro-Texas-sovereignty mantra on a variety of issues, including health care and environmental regulations.”

It seems to me that there is nothing more un-American than wanting to leave the United States.  Jeff Schweitzer from the Huffington Post made the claim that one can either be a proud American or a proud Secessionist, but he or she cannot possibly be both.  And further, secession is treason.  If morality isn’t enough of an argument to seize the continuation of this petition, logistically, secession is not in the best interest of Texas nor of the rest of the United States.  Though Texas has the 15th largest economy in the world and would be able to support itself economically, creating new a government again would simply lead to chaos, especially if other states continue to secede as well.  Decisions regarding rights, laws, constitutions, currency, citizenship and border control, democracy, health care, schools and universities, taxes, compensation to the U.S. and numerous other factors would lead to immense disarray in Texas and even deeper economic turmoil for the rest of the United States.

-Natalie Thomas


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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