Some May Be Fretting, but Republicans Needn’t Soul Search

After watching the video of Bill O’Reilly reacting to the election results, as well as seeing reactions of Republicans throughout the nation, its easy to tell the degree of heart-brokenness on the conservative side of America.  With the Presidency once again going to the democrats, as well as a sizable majority in the senate, you can hardly blame the republicans for being a little down in the dumps.  But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and you only need to look at the Democratic party after the 2004 election in order to see just how feasible it is.

In 2004, Democrats lost not only in a bid to unseat an incumbent president much hated by the party’s liberal base, but also saw the Republicans solidify what had been tenuous majorities in the House and Senate. John Kerry came off as far too elite and left leaning to connect to more moderate heartland voters, and the party seemed to be on the downturn.  However, in the 2006 election, the wave  Kerry was hoping to ride finally crashed, and there was a large push to find moderate Democrats that could use war opposition and deficit arguments to tie vulnerable Republicans to Bush policy.  This, however, frightened many of those further to the left as a conservative push within the party and that they would be left out.  This is where President Obama comes into the picture, as a unifier to the party.

In Obama, Democrats found someone who shared all of the beliefs of the liberal base but who could talk about them in such a way as not to terrify moderate voters. His record as a senator was relatively quiet as well, which made it more difficult for the opposition to tie him to voting outside the norm.  So what does this mean for republicans? Well, there are a lot of opportunities for the President to either make or break himself this term, namely the economy and foreign policy issues in the middle east.  Because of the medias popularization of these topics, it makes it very feasible for republican candidates to make a large comeback if there is not an improvement in the economy.  By being able to properly appeal to the base of the party, while at the same time avoiding a lot of the general stigma that has been surrounding extreme conservatism at late, and also to attract some of the more moderate democratic voters, the Republicans can drastically change their luck. It would also really help them out if this is a poor 4 years, which although one might think that is obvious, it will still require some change on the part of the GOP due to the large amount of demographic shifts seen after the election. So don’t panic yet, friends, there can be a light at the end of the tunnel if you do things right.

– Christian Erwin
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