“That’s IT! I’m moving to Canada”… Are you sure?

Throughout this 2012 presidential election a common saying among the supporters of both parties is, “If the opposing candidate  wins, I’m moving to Canada.” Well, now that President Obama has been officially reelected, many Romney supporters claim it’s time to pack up their bags and head to the Great White North. But how much bite is there behind their bark?

Research shows that since the end of this election a huge spike in Google searches related to moving to Canada have appear in strongly Conservative states such as Texas and actually extremely liberal states such as California and Illinois.

However, these US immigrants that are dead set on leaving the United States to avoid Obama’s next four years might be disappointed by what they find in Canada. First of all immigration policy in Canada for the past few years has tightened considerably. These days the cost of immigration paperwork for a family of 3 can cost upwards of 2,000 dollars and it can take many years to get through the system. As Henry Chang states, “Don’t just assume you will be able to cross the border because you don’t like it in the U.S. anymore.”

Secondly, Canada is in actuality more liberal than the United States. Being that Canada is a much more socialist country than the U.S.— what with its universal health care and legalized gay marriage— conservatives may find it more against their political beliefs than the U.S.

So even though Canadians are for the most part open and flattered by the U.S. Citizen’s interest in immigrating, they do not believe that a wave of U.S. immigrants will be coming any time soon. Seeing as it’s a difficult and costly process to immigrate and Canada is seemingly more liberal than the U.S, it is unlikely that politically frustrated U.S citizens will immigrate unless they have other good reasons such as monetary profit.


Caroline Marso

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2 Responses to “That’s IT! I’m moving to Canada”… Are you sure?

  1. I remember when I was a kid, back in 2004, my Dad would say to us, “If George Bush gets re elected, we’re moving to Canada.” Sometimes he would say Australia. At that time, the main reasons from my Dad’s perspective were the two wars the US was in, and The Patriot Act.

    It is amazing what perspective and media can do to different people’s perspective. My Dad no longer says that he is going to move to another country if a Republican president is elected. We are still at war, and The Patriot Act is still very much alive.

    Tyler William Dewey

  2. Thanks for this post!
    I’ve been having a great time making fun of people on Twitter who keep angrily announcing that they’re moving to Italy, Australia, Canada, etc. because of Obama’s re-election. It’s hilarious – they get so angry.
    Perhaps I should begin telling them that, when it comes to social issues, Saudi Arabia and Iran have the most conservative laws in the world?
    Emily Pelz

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