The Biggest “Mitt”stakes

The Biggest “Mitt”stakes


On Election Day as I updated my status on Facebook and strolled through my news feed, I constantly read messages about why Republican candidate Mitt Romney would not win the election.  And of course Mitt Romney lost the presidential race to the surprise of the Republican Party (but not everyone else) on the day of Election Day. There are several reasons why Romney lost. Many average Americans who voted for Barack Obama had a bad taste in their mouth with Romney and indorsed the Democrats instead. There are many people that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party scared off that would have voted for him. If Mitt had made only a few changes (or perhaps kept a few consistencies) then we would have a different president.

Reason number one is Romney’s stance on abortion and the Republican Party’s war on women. Mitt Romney was quoted as saying “I think I’ve said time and again, I’m a pro-life candidate,”. Later on Mitt apparently changed sides and said “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,”. Voters tend to hate it when candidates switch sides about certain issues. It makes the candidates appear that they are unreliable and cannot make up their minds, which is not a good thing for someone running as president.

Romney also said he would cut welfare. This might not seem like a big thing to cost Romney voters in the long run but there are mostly lower class people on welfare and they outnumber the amount of rich. Considering most of the poor people probably didn’t like Mitt’s stance on welfare, their votes went to Obama.

Lastly, Mitt Romney’s stance on immigration definitely affected the Latino vote which put Obama at an advantage. According to an article, “Mitt Romney and the party’s palpable disdain for immigrants – Romney called for “self-deportation” for god’s sake – is not only grossly inhumane and un-economic. It’s no way to speak to an increasingly mutli-ethnic and gloriously mongrelized America.” Past presidents such as Bush and Reagan allowed amnesty for millions of immigrants while Romney’s new plan on how to deal with them caused Latinos to vote for Obama instead. Maybe if Romney had taken pointers from these two, he would have won the presidential race.




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-Sharday Briscoe


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