Obama Moms

Election night proved to be a huge triumph for women as five female senators defeated their opponents to win the remaining seats in the 113th Congress. The senate now boasts 20 women, the highest number in U.S. history.

The progressive nature of this year’s election is a turning point for those who felt that their political aspirations were hindered due to gender or sexual orientation. Young people like us who are at the starting point of being politically active will be more aware of the direct impact of having women in Congress. I woke up the next morning feeling confident and relieved about the new Senate and what it means for the future of American policy, but what about the children of today who will be growing up in this future? The unprecedented number of women elected to Congress along with the reelection of a president who firmly believes in the influence of women in congressional proceedings got me thinking about how mothers of young children voted in the election and how confident they feel about their daughters’ futures.

This infographic from the Huffington Post artistically illustrates the exit poll results of how mothers voted in the election and their thoughts about political issues in general:

post election infographic

I found the most hopeful result to be that 87% of moms think they’ll see a female president in their lifetime. While Hillary Clinton was close to grasping the Democratic nomination in 2008, I think the prominence and lead of the five women running for election this year played a supporting role in this percentage. It will be interesting to see how the political stances of mothers will change over the course of the next several years. Mothers want their daughters to grow up in a world where they feel empowered, and the nature of the most recent election demonstrates that the U.S. is headed in that direction. I have to agree with the 27% of moms who feel happy that the election is over; the mother of this child certainly does!

-Kayla Adem



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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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