Live Blogging the Election. PS im having a great time

Whatsup everyone, Its Danny and its election night. Oh Baby.

Go america and go democracy

Its my first time watching the election as a voter. It is a really amazing seeing all of the numbers go up on the screen of people who have voted. The sheer number, though it is not as much participation as I would like, is amazing.
Ground game in florida
Lines are up to 4 hrs
VA lines are long too, around 2 hours
Hang in there everyone who is out there. Especially in VA which I predict will go for Obama.
Florida is so close, 62% counted, Romney 49 obama 50
Colorado too.
Looks like Michigan went blue. (bailllouttt)

I am going between fox news and cnn right now

new hampshire is looking like its going for Obama. 53-46%

Boulder is strong Obama, hes got 70%

colorado is looking good, 53% Obama

oh man Florida is so close

dunno who it was but whoever it was wearing those vote suspenders on fox news is a badass UPDATE his name is Bob Beckel

coverage going to VA, Romney has the lead now with 45% counted

It was just pointed out to me that Donnelley has the same last name as Chris Farley’s dad in black sheep

holy cow Florida is close. i demand a recount

Indiana is the only Republican takeaway from last year thus far.

PA goes for Obama, suck it voter ID laws

143-152 electoral votes, Romney is winning, but it is still early. 270!

they are saying right now on cnn that the numbers in Florida currently look good for Obama, based on the prediction they just showed,  Florida going Obama could be huge

minnesota just went blue. the hockey moms have spoken

Romney grabs Utah Obama 143-Romney 158

Florida is closer than a pair of prom dates

New Hamphire goes for the big O. 147-158

“the nuns are going to be mad about this handwriting…” someone went to Catholic school

Iowas districts are so even. i am quite surprised, very little show of gerrymandering

Suck it Todd Akin i knew you would lose!

Senate looks like it is going to the dems. This may be the biggest news of the night. IF Romney wins the election he will have to act as a more moderate president for the first 2 years at least. It will be tough for that real change on day 1. good luck ruining Obamacare

DC went 93% for Obama. im pumped up

63% for Obama in MD, im part of that number and it feels great, still waiting to see which props pass

“this is going to be a barn burner”

Almost 8 million votes in florida. People care!

According to history, the later vote count should be going to the president

Florida is the story on CNN right now.Im calling NC for Romney, but the official decision isn’t out yet.

mitt o’romney? that cant be right…

Hey Paul Ryan, you did not protect your house.

CNN says Romney is on plan E, and dont ask him about plan F

Gimme those votes, New Mexico goes for Barry-O

heres an idea, dominos pizza should say free wings if the incumbent wins by more than 30


four more years? more like four more beers!


Cant wait to hear Romney’s concession speech #itsnotwritten

Donald Trump is so excited!

Romney is winning the popular vote

really pumped that Obama won CO especially because when i was phonebanking for Obama I convinced one undecided voter to vote for Romney.

its 294 Obama and 203 Romney

Mitt Romney wont concede? Possible explanations: anger, writers block?

Votes are piling up! VA goes Obama. (DMV all blue!)

CONCESSION GOV ROMNEY, it was a good race and to be honest i think he would have made a good president, though i think that Obama’s priorities fall in line with my own.

good congratulations given by Romney,

thank you Governor

Obama victory speech

whether it is your first time voting or you waited a long time… we gotta fix that-Obama. I could not agree more, those voting lines are outrageous, many voters do not have this time to commit to voting

no one who fights for our country should ever have to fight for a roof over their head, God i am so happy

Obama now winning popular vote.

Question: does the campaigning process change the stances or ideals of the president?

Also gay marriage passed in MD. vote –> action

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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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One Response to Live Blogging the Election. PS im having a great time

  1. Really? Congratulations on live-blogging the election, but next time you write a blog post for a class, you might want to consider using proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization. Check out the other posts on this blog – they’ve done pretty well with that.
    – Emily Pelz

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