Why You Might Not Know The Name of Our Future President

Everyone of course knows the names of the two main presidential candidates for president, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  This is because the Democrats and Republicans are the two parties currently controlling American politics. But of course there are other parties around such as Libertarian and the Green Party and a few that I have not heard of. I began to wonder why I had not heard of the other parties but that is because rarely does a third party candidate challenge a Democrat or Republican for office. But just in case one of these unlikely candidates actually beats out Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, I thought it was a good idea to research them.


Garyjohnsonphoto - modified.jpg

Gary Johnson of New Mexico is running for the presidency of 2012 as a Libertarian. A noticeable part of the libertarian platform is that they are pro-choice and support the environment.


Jill Stein 2012.jpg

Jill Stein is a physician from Massachusetts and she is running for president as a Green Party candidate.  One of her key plans include a Green New Deal. Some points from her platform include jobs for all, universal health care, and African American reparations. 


Rep Virgil Goode.jpg

Virgil Goode of Virginia is seeking the presidency as well and he is running as a nominee for the Constitution Party. A couple of issues Virgil will like to attack as president includes drugs, energy, the environment, and he is pro-life.


Rocky Anderson speech cropped.jpg

Rockey Anderson of Utah is running for president under the Justice Party of which he is a founding member, Some points of the Justice Party platform includes environmental issues, economic justice, and social & civil justice.


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-Sharday Briscoe


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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