Anyone’s game in this Horse Race

While most Democrats snuggle up warmly in bed thinking Obama is a sure win, Republican’s seem to be doing the same. Both sides of the campaign have been telling their supporters that they are on the fast track to victory. But as Jonathan Martin has pointed in out in his article, 1 week, 2 versions of reality, one of these candidates must be wrong. However, which one remains a mystery.

The 2012 horse race has been long and hard, but going to a liberal school makes you feel certain all along that Obama will win the election. However, pundits and news sources everywhere claim that this election is too close to call. No one should be certain of either candidate’s future victory. It just is not possible to predict. As can be seen in the most recent polls, information is mixed, and inconclusive. With Romney ahead in some and behind in others it is impossible to know who will win until ALL of the results are in.

Even when the swing map in Politico predicts a victory for Obama, these stats could easily change in the next week. Comparing it to the election in 2000, many pundits are holding their breath.

Currently, the Romney campaign is shaking things up as they have invested some extra cash that they have left over with a week left of their campaign to take advantage of some shifting polls in states once assured to be a win for Democrats. States like Pennsylvania and Minnesota are showing trends that both campaigns have begun to jump on, with Ads from Republicans and planned future visits from Democrats. These actions have kept the media guessing on the outcome of the results of the election.

I think, in our day and age, where technology can give us the answers and fast, it should be frustrating for the  American public to sit in suspense for who will be the future president.  In a society that if you wanted to know what was going to happen on your favorite TV show, you could easily find a spoiler somewhere on the internet, one would think that the public should be really uneasy about the coming election. However, on this campus at least, the vibe on campus remains calm and assured in their own candidates.

With a week left, in the wake of a natural disaster, and with nothing for certain, both candidates are expected to end the race with a photo-finish and a win on either side is plausible. However, it sounds like it will be shocking to the other party when looking at the numbers both sides should mentally prepare themselves for the possibility of losing this election.


Mary Kemp


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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