Paul Ryan and his Asbestos Undies


National Review Magazine‘s October issue has had some negative things to say about the Democratic party and the lying that seems to be flooding this election. 

Jonah Goldberg’s small section (not available online), titled “Community Based Reality” makes his opinion quite clear. He claims, “Ryan needs asbestos underwear to deal with all his pants-on-fire lies.” This debate is not uncommon however, with the new use of fact-checkers within recent elections. Goldberg explains that liberals  can only defend Obama’s loss in the first debate to the idea that the Republicans are simply liars. 

“Epistemic Closure” is not only something that Goldberg touches on, but also the New York Times and the Maddow Blog. According to Goldberg, this is a term that liberals usually use when referring to the Right, however supposedly Obama was a prime example during the first debate because he was “unable to process inconvenient facts and truths, because in his mind, they were lies” (Goldberg). 

Later in National Review, Ramesh Ponnuru wrote an article called “‘He Lies!’ They Commanded: Romney and the Left’s So-called Truths” 


Ponnuru also discusses the liberals’ need to call Mitt Romney and other Republicans “liars.” Ponnuru claims that people are simply confused by certain statements and/or policies and that liberals shouldn’t cope with their inability to understand by calling Romney a liar. 

Fact-checkers in this election targeted Paul Ryan in his convention speech and then Romney during the first debate. A viewer can easily update their fact checkers during the debates to keep up, giving the fact-checkers a lot of power during this election. The fact-checkers, according to Ponnuru, are first based on their research, then their judgment. They have the ability to pick and choose things to check in order to put a focus on certain aspects of the debate. This can easily manipulate the public through the media in determining what is important and what is not. 


– Zoe Hamilton



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