No Care for Climate Change

In the wake of the massive tragedy that is Hurricane Sandy, few people are questioning the causes. Although natural disasters do occur without a direct cause, global warming is an issue that is being put on the back-burner by many politicians and the electorate.

Let’s rewind to the three presidential debates this past month. Not once was climate change mentioned. Both candidates discussed their opinions about energy; Obama favors developing clean, green energy techniques like solar and wind energy whereas Romney wants to capitalize on the existing energy resources in America like coal and oil. However, both candidates only discussed how these energy “solutions” would translate into jobs for Americans (not that that is a bad thing!), rather than how they would create a more environmentally friendly America.

Comprehensive plans for natural disasters, including a plan to reduce CO2 emissions and developing clean energy industries among many other ways to combat global warming. If legislators do not do this, then they will have to come up with more money in the budget to help pay for the lost homes and businesses in any natural disaster. It is in the citizens’ best interest to urge politicians to find solutions for climate change now so that the impact of natural disasters is not felt as much as it has the potential.

There are some impediments to enacting these types of legislation. Big oil companies are pouring millions of dollars into legislation that prohibits green initiatives. Many Americans still deny that global warming even exists, even though 97% hold consensus that global warming does exist.  Without acknowledgement that global warming exists, there cannot be any truly progressive legislation, and in turn, detrimental to aiding these kind of natural disasters.

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-Baillee Brown


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