Lying and “Romnesia.”

My initial idea in this blog post was to examine whether it mattered when candidates lie in the debates. Not just lie, but when the candidates have a disagreement there is almost no way to tell which one is right unless you are a public policy expert. To understand the true implications of what the candidates say in their debate, the audience, the citizen, must check out factcheck the next day so that they know what actually happened.
That being said, there were many large claims made in the debate on Tuesday that need to be corrected. In the debate at Hofstra university, both candidates came out swinging. This was imperative for President Barack Obama, who had a weak performance in the last debate. Even he himself acknowledged this multiple times, including when I saw him speak a couple of weeks ago. (which was really cool). That being said, Obama had some false claims. He said that Governor Mitt Romney was in favor of the papers, please stipulation of the immigration law in Arizona. This is not actually the case, as Mitt correctly stated, he was in favor only of the portion of the law that stated that employers had to verify the legal status of employees before they hired them. Obama also misstated that Romney called wind jobs imaginary, when he actually referred to an “imaginary world” where “windmills and solar panals could power the economy.” Obama’s missteps where false characterizations of his opponent.
Romeny’s missteps however were more concerning. Many of his false claims were actually about his own policies, and what he supports and doesn’t support. To clarify, Romney didn’t remember HIS OWN POSITION ON ISSUES! He said repeatedly that he wouldn’t cut taxes for the wealthy, even though in the primaries he said repeatedly that he would. Romney also misspoke when he said that he supported Obama’s handling of the auto industry during the recession, even though that was not the case. In actuality he didn’t support the full measures, he supported bankruptcy and federal loan guarantees but he didn’t support the direct financial aid to the auto companies that Obama implemented. Last, Romney also said that he would grow Pell Grants, when during his campaign he has argued for limiting eligibility for Pell Grants. In addition to these, Romney also had similar missteps to Obama’s when wrongly characterizing things that Obama did.
So does it matter that these lies were told in the debate? Yes the candidates can call each other out during the debate, but it is hard to know who is right because it is often one man’s word against the other’s. Obama’s response to this nonsense and tom-foolery was to coin a new term: “Romnesia.”
Obama’s romnesia symptom list is truly hilarious. As he is delivering his symptom list he is doing his best not to break out in laughter. Now I wont ruin the video for you because it is just so great, but watch it.
Now, we need to follow the outcome of this new meme in the election. If Romnesia really takes off and survives for the short remaining time in the race, it could be a factor in the last undecided voter’s minds in Obama’s favor.
-Danny, ill be back on after the debate


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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