The Environment?

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As the daughter of a scientist and a resident of Colorado, where hundreds of homes burned and lives were lost due to wildfires throughout this past summer, I understand the grave state of the environment. However, why have the Presidential candidates not been discussing these issues on the campaign trail? Is this issue just pushed aside, buried under the ground? Why is this? Are the American people too focused on the present to ever think about the future?

In the matter of a few years, parts of Florida and other coastline cities will be underwater.  People will have to leave their homes and flock to the center of the country, crowding already crowded cities and decreasing the standard of living. Soon enough, we will run out of water and oil, resources that one is necessary for survival and the other is much needed in the world we live in. It is quite strange to me with the perilous state of the environment and the tragic and serious consequences of its destruction, that politicians are not discussing how to help the environment and prevent further destruction.

However, there are those who believe that climate change is a hoax. Some believe is no doing of the human race, but that climate change it is a cycle and that God will take care of it. They believe this despite the majority of scientists and countless scientific findings that state otherwise; that indeed human activity is what is changing climate and causing the destruction of our beloved Mother Nature.

It is a shock and a shame that the American people do not care about the well-being of the environment. Do they not realize that the lack of caring about the environment is going to leave their children and their grandchildren in a much more desolate, hot and distressed environment? It is time that the American people start to value their surroundings, the natural resources they depend on for survival and show initiative to save the beautiful world around us. Through the words and guidance of politicians and leaders, this can begin to change.

President Obama and candidate Romney will probably not change the issues they discuss in the last couple of weeks of this campaign. They are focusing on the issues the American people care about which happen to be issue that affect them immediately. The majority of Americans must not realize that by ignoring how we are destroying our natural habitat now, that one day we will be worse off than if we started making progress now. The fact that politicians are not placing great importance on environmental issues is causing the American people to no place importance on it either. It is a vicious cycle; the American people do not care about the environment, politicians thus do not discuss it or policies to fix the state of the environment and then the American public believes that the state of the environment must not be too perilous if politicians are not discussing it. The next president and cycle of legislators should really place importance on the environment. Only through this will the American people start to realize the value of a stable, healthy environment and only through this will progress be made on something that is so important.  Politicans must start shaping and increasing the amount of converstation in regards to the state of the environment. We are headed for doom if we do not start soon, and start to make huge changes.

Elizabeth Noon


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2 Responses to The Environment?

  1. As a fellow Coloradoan, I can vouch for how horrible the wildfires were last summer. Many of my friends and acquaintances lost their homes and property. I often had to stay inside to avoid the haze and smoke. This was no fun, as Colorado is an outdoor loving and physically active state.

    If we are going to keep it this way, environmental regulation is very important for the future! Thank you for bringing attention to this issue!

    Jesse Kreger

  2. Derek Friedman says:

    I enjoyed what you have here but disagree on a few points (I’m sick as a dog so this is going to sound crazy)… I do believe politicians are making efforts to bring the environment to the forefront at times – often I have heard either candidate elude to their plans for the environment – I agree that a great number of Americans are insensitive to environmental issues by way of lack of correct information (media) and a lack of desire to know the facts… I personally feel the time is now as well to start making plans –
    What literally enrages me about environmental issues is not the speed at which changes will be made but the flat out denial of the consequences of ignorance…
    Education is the key – not political knowledge
    People need to rally against big oil and other resources on the verge of being explored – we just should not support them – ie work for them…
    I lived in Allentown PA for 5 years – there is no such thing as clean coal – period end… If coal is a healthy alternative visit centralia PA and crack a book… Just makes me want to rant… Sorry
    I enjoyed what you wrote here and would like to hear your thoughts on not waiting for the government to catch on… What can we do now…
    Again I apologize for plot holes and spelling errors…

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