A Warning to All Oxy Republicans.

A Warning to All Oxy Republicans.

You have clearly not visited Oxy’s website. You would know better if you did. You would have already read this:

Occidental College-We respect and encourage one another’s ideas, interests, and creative impulses…unless you are a Republican.

Occidental College- We seize the opportunity to create and sustain conversations around the issues that matter most to us… until a Republican wants to speak.

Occidental College- The bedrock of our success depends on our capacity to reinterpret the great tradition of the liberal arts and sciences for a new generation of students… so long as our status quo of Democratic thought is never challenged.

Let’s be honest, Republican have never produced a single policy that was to the benefit of Americans. They represent greedy and racist white males who see themselves superior to all other humans. They want the rich to get richer and the poor to suffer. They hate minorities. They could care less about America as a whole.  We even have Mitt Romney on tape to prove it!! So why would we be open to their ideas? None of them have ever worked! Why shouldn’t we raise our voice, condescend, and curse Oxy Republicans? They deserve it! They should be afraid to express their opinion. They should be hesitant to ask a question that challenges the way all of us think. Why should we have to respectfully disagree? No Republican ideas are valid. To gain our respect they would have to be educated (by that we mean a Democrat). Republicans, this is your warning. Your inferior ideologies are not welcome and will not be tolerated. You are inferior and will be treated as such.  Do not challenge our flawless political ideologies or the consequences will be severe.

I wish to backtrack my assertions to the scare refuges I do have here at Occidental. The first refuge is Jack Kemp Stadium (Named after Oxy’s most notable Republican alumn :)) and the second is my Politics 101 class. I feel inclined to publicly express my appreciation for the respect and courtesy shown by the entire class, both students and professor. When I decided to enroll at Oxy, I anticipated and embraced the notion that my political ideologies would be challenged. However, I did not anticipate that I would be undeservedly cursed at and patronized for my partisan affiliation. I usually disregard the trivial rudeness I encounter on a regular basis, but after last night when a few Oxy students (whom I don’t even know) blatantly ostracized and cussed at me for no reason at all, I feel obligated to stand up to the lack of mutual respect. As I stated earlier, I truly appreciate the mutual respect in Politics 101. I also believe that most 101 students appreciate a challenging viewpoint as much as I do. For that reason, I encourage all 101 students to pass on the same notions of mutual respect and open-mindedness of challenging viewpoints. I thank you for your time and consideration.


Trace Larabee


About rowlanda12

This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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2 Responses to A Warning to All Oxy Republicans.

  1. Trace its too bad that some Oxy students bullied you, and I apologize on behalf of all everyone for this if you didn’t provoke the insults. I also apologize if you sense a “superior tone” in what I’m about to write, that is not the intention. Maybe the assumption underlying what I’m writing are wrong, and if so then whatever.
    I know exactly what you mean about Oxy’s failure at opening minds. I have long been a critic of the “intellectual masturbation” on this campus and its moronic self defeating relativistic liberalism. I have twice tried to put articles in the weekly only for the editors to find “audience consideration” reasons not to include them. (or maybe my writing is just poor 🙂 On the same note, I need you to know that college is a place where our ideas are supposed to be challenged. This is a place where we are supposed to learn from different viewpoints. You need to be able to separate your political ideology from your core identity. There is more to you than your political views.

    The point is that you shouldn’t feel offended when someone disagrees with what you believe in. That is not a personal attack. Take it is a challenge and learn from it. If you don’t have a defense to the insinuation that Republicans are defending unearned privilege at the expense of the general welfare, than you better get one. You should be able to answer critiques if you have put in the intellectual labor of taking a political viewpoint to begin with. You can not expect people to respect you unless you are offering well documented factual information in support of your case. If you can’t find documentation to support your conservative position, then maybe they are incorrect. Respectful disagreement does not mean treating every idea as if its “right.” Unlike people, Ideas need to earn respect.

    If you can not answer liberal criticisms, then you need to do some reading. I’m not talking about the latest Sean Hannity book. Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh are all full of it. Any half educated person is going to knock your pants off and reject you out of hand if you use anything they spew as “evidence.” I am talking about exploring the philosophical foundations for conservative thought. Turn off Fox News and turn on Edmund Burke.

    Once you go through a journey of personal self reflection and weigh your own values against these impersonal monolithic “ideologies,” of liberal and conservative, you will have done something that very few people on this campus have. Next time some social justice thugs attack you, remind them of how open minded and liberal they are . Also, if you can, explain what provoked the insults?

    • Thank you for your response. I totally appreciate and agree with everything you said and did not sense a “superior tone”. As I mentioned in the blog, I was not speaking about you or anyone in the 101 class so there is no need to apologize (though I do appreciate it anyway :)).

      I’m guessing these people either saw my bodily response or overheard me talking about the debate. They then came up to me and said something like “so what did you think about the debate?” I said “I’m not sure, I think it’s subjective but Obama was definitely more aggressive” Them: Are you kidding me Obama clearly won Me: Yeah I don’t know Them: Don’t tell me your a Republican Me: I am actually. Them: What a typical southern (guessing they knew my accent) conservative white male. I bet the only reason you dislike Obama is because he’s black Me: No actually I just disagree with some of his fiscal policies. Then a plethora of F bombs were dropped so I decided they weren’t worth my time and walked away.

      I was obviously writing in frustration and hope I did not come off as too expressive. I was frustrated because of the undeserved profanity and disrespect but also for being stereotyped. I do not dislike Obama, and I am not racist. I have African American family members and the majority of my friends back home are African American. I don’t watch Fox,Limbaugh,Beck,etc, at all (even I know they’re a joke). I mainly use Yahoo (which in my opinion is more liberal) or the Economist and sometimes WSJ or NYT. I also am pro choice, support gay marriage, and many of the social issues that Democrats promote.

      In all honesty, I do need to read and research more, and I will look into Edmund Burke and other academic sources. For that reason, I don’t try to argue with or persuade anyone. I am open to change and appreciate both sides of any argument.

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