LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!-Jon Steward Vs. Bill O’Reilly, the Funniest Debate of them all

There are many that say the first presidential debate was boring enough to put them to sleep. What with the both debaters being so careful as to not say something that would offend the voter population or give the other side an advantage, there was little laughter to be had among the viewers. This was far from the case when it came to the 2012 Rumble between Bill O’Reilly and Jon Steward.

Unlike the presidential debate and even the vice presidential debate, O’Reilly and Steward were unafraid to swear multiple profanities, gesture wildly and verbally attack one another mental state and even physical characterizes.  Though some slight connections could be made to the views of President Obama and Candidate Mitt Romney, this debate was mostly between the far right views of Bill O’Reilly and the completely opposite far left views of Jon Steward. The 90 minute debate was free to viewers during its live recording on October 6th and there after available to purchase for $4.95 with half of all proceeds going to charities chosen but Steward and O’Reilly.

I believe that in this debate, Jon Stewart crushed Bill O’Reilly both along comedic and debate lines. Comedically, Bill O’Reilly’s Poster cards were just no match for Stewards hilarious use of facial expressions and body mannerisms. A particular crowd favorite was Stewards use of a hydraulic lift platform to “level the playing field” between his 5’6” Stature and that of Mr. O’Reilly’s 6’4” height.  Throughout the debate Mr. O’Reilly seemed to grow more and more flustered as Steward continued to dance comedic circles around him while jabbing at holes found in O’Reilly’s points.  Debate wise, it seemed to me that Steward covered more range in is points of discussion and spoke straight to the point when questioned by either the mediator E.D Hill. Mr. O’Reilly seemingly attempted to avoid more questions posed to him by both Mr. Steward and Ms. Hill and steer off into completely different tangents. However, both debaters made excellent points along the way that brought cheers from the audience and at times left the other debater unable to respond. So, although maybe slightly less politically informing than that of the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, the 2012 Rumble between Jon Steward and Bill O’Reilly was by far a more entertaining experience. As an article in the Washington Times when discussing the debate states, “ it was by far the best $4.95 I’ve ever spent”.

Caroline Marso


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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