Playing Politics with Jobs

The latest ploy by the Grand Old Party borders on the absolutely ludicrous. Several prominent Republican politicians and donors, including Tea Party lunatic king Allen West of Florida and businessman Jack Welch are questioning whether the newest job numbers, released this morning were accurate.

Why would they be questioning the jobs report? Well, the answer is simple, The numbers are good news for President Obama. After July and August showed a slowing down of surprisingly good spring jobs reports, the economy added 114,000 jobs in September  and unemployment dropped to 7.8%, the lowest since Obama took office.  The response from the right, claiming the whole thing to be a conspiracy aimed at erasing the Presidents poor debate performance  and boost his electoral prospects is not only childish and petty, but simply preposterous. 

While Fox “News” “reported” JOBLESS RATE FALLS BELOW 8%, BUT IS NUMBER REAL? and Welch (the former CEO of GE) and West seemed convinced the books had been cooked, other Republicans, who actually, you know, what’s that thing that we elect a government to do again, Oh yeah, Govern! replied thusly. 

“The numbers are put together by trained professionals and in a process that keeps politicians from interfering,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum and a chief economic adviser to former President George W. Bush. “Any sort of suggestion to the contrary is wrong.”

So stop all your complaining and conspiracy theories (I though this would end when Glenn Beck’s career did). Since you on the right rubbed your hands together with glee and cackled maniacally at the bad jobs numbers over the summer, declaring that it was time for a change of government, you can’t now disparage the jobs numbers simply because they show that the economy is actually improving. 


Evan Pritsos


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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