The guys (and girls) you probably wont vote for.

As the first debate aired tonight we saw both President Obama and Governor Romney talk about the “issues,” but lets talk about the real underdogs for a minute. Those whose names are drowned out by the headlines of Romney’s next campaign failure or the words that slipped out of Obama’s mouth. Those who will never get to participate in the debates while the two party system dominates our country’s political sphere. Those whose party is occasionally mentioned but never taken seriously. However, despite their chances, and despite the non-believers, they still pour money into their campaigns and work tirelessly for their voices and opinions to be heard. This is my tribute to these brave souls, however completely crazy or completely idealist they may be.

Aside: As Julie Davis talks about in her article, Presidential Race May Hinge on Third Party Candidates, (from which I get most of the information on the first two candidates), they say a vote for a third party member is throwing your vote away. The infamous, Ralph Nader, has contributed to this idea by “stealing” votes from Al Gore in the 2000 election. However, for third party voters and advocates, a vote for the third party is making a statement. Some voters are tired of Washington and the two party system. They see voting for a third party as an outlet to make their voices heard but seldom are they so. In a state that was meant for multiple parties, we as voters should take the time to get to know all of our candidates and learn about all of the names we will (or will not) see on our ballots this November. I encourage everyone to check out the issues raised on the third party websites and see what they have to say.

Without further ado, let me first introduce,

Bachelor Number One.

The Constitution Party : Virgile Goode 

This guy is great (sense the sarcasm?). First and foremost on his agenda is immigration. His plan would be to cut immigration off completely (from any country) while the unemployment rates remain above 5%. In addition, he wants to get rid of the IRS, the department of education, and cut funding for several welfare programs. Basically, he’s most concerned about the government spending too much. He’s also extremely pro-life and guns. If Romney isn’t conservative enough for you, Goode might be a good choice.

Bachelor Number Two

The Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, comes to us after serving a few years as the governor of New Mexico. His, most well known (and supported) belief, that marijuana should be legalized, is sure to win some votes in swing state Colorado. He’s pro-immigration and anti-bailout. “More liberal than Obama on many issues [and] more conservative than Romney on many issues,” this guy has a strong backing supporting American rights and the free market economy.

Bachelorette Number Three

The Green Party: Dr. Jill Stein

Out of all of the third party candidates, I am probably most impressed by Green Party candidate Doctor Jill Stein (Can you tell that I really want a woman president?). An active Green Party member in Massachusetts, Dr. Stien is a physician who graduated from Harvard Medical School. She is now running for president with the lofty ideals of the Green Party, including but not limited to: the Green New Deal, Environment and health initiatives, free higher level education, and a rework of Washington (including getting RID of the Electoral system). She seems to be representing all of the ideals young politics students only dream about. So ideal, one can become skeptical of the reality of such goals. However for those who are really unhappy with the way Washington is doing things, Jill Stein is definitely a candidate to whom you should pay more attention.

And there we have it. Our beautiful candidates that you won’t see in the debates or much at all in the news. This one is for you.

Mary Kemp

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