The Obamians

Foreign policy expert and author James Mann was on campus today to talk about his new book, Obama’s foreign policy, and the upcoming election. This post will focus on how Mann believes Obama’s foreign policy will affect this election.

Mann claimed that Obama was at least a significant driving force behind his administration’s foreign policy, unlike George W. Bush who mostly relied on a team of experienced advisors. He claimed that Obama’s foreign policy had three major facets- maintain national security, reduce America’s military footprint around the world, and strengthen relationships with allies (an example of this would be allowing NATO forces to take the lead in Libya).

Mann then continued on to state that there are two avenues from which Republicans like to attack Obama’s foreign policy. They either claim that Obama promised change (on enhanced interrogation techniques, Guantanamo bay) and did not deliver, or that Obama is a Kenyan anti-colonialist who wants to drastically change America’s foreign policy and world position. The obvious problem here, is that these two views are completely contradictory.

Romney has specifically attacked Obama on his action and policy mainly regarding Libya, Egypt, and Iran. These attacks have often been weak, unsuccessful, and have not resonated much with the American people.

Mann’s advice to Romney- Focus on the economy.

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Jesse Kreger


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