What Should Romney Do Next?!

Mitt Romney is currently between a rock and hard place.  While trying to appeal to the republican base at a fundraiser Romney made comments about the 47%, which, while they appealed to the ultra-conservative base, have now alienated many voters that he needs in order to win the campaign for president.  His campaign has now stumbled along trying to recover, but even his running mate Paul Ryan said his comments were “a misstep”.  And now, almost every poll is showing incumbent President Obama in the lead, even those conducted by conservative sources such as Fox News.  Although Romney’s comments were made in May the recent release to Mother Jones magazine has really stuck with voters.  When the LA Times spoke to undecided voters about their thoughts on the presidential candidates 1 in 3 mentioned Romney’s comments about the 47% showing that his remarks will not quickly be forgotten.

Many moderate and independent voters who are crucial to Romney’s campaign and were previously undecided are starting to lean towards Obama.  As the Romney Campaign has tried to bounce back from the candidate’s comments he has tried to bring up some of his more moderate policies.  In an interview with NBC news Romney brought up his health care law from his days as governor of Massachusetts, which is a topic he usually avoids on the campaign trail.  Romney has to walk a fine line until election day of sticking with the republican base and also attracting undecided independent and moderate voters who are essential to him winning the presidency.

So where does Romney go from here? With the first presidential debate quickly approaching his performance will be harshly scrutinized.  His best bet is to stick to the economy, which has historically been his greatest strength.  However, even the economy will not be as safe a subject for Romney as it usually is because Americans are starting to feel slightly more positive about the economy, which is helping incumbent Obama.  An article in the Detroit Free Press states that in a recent poll voters are approving, rather than disapproving, of Obama’s handling of the economy for the first time in a year.  Additionally, Romney’s 47% comments further painted him as an out of touch candidate who only cares for the wealthy.

While Romney’s campaign has taken a hit “top economists” still think that he is the better presidential candidate when it comes to growing the economy and bettering the current economic state. It will be interesting to see his performance this Wednesday night and whether or not he is able to win back some support among moderate and independent voters.  After Wednesday night I think many undecided voters will make judgements about who to vote for this November.

–Liza Hall


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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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