Romney needs to shake things up

This past month hasn’t been the best for Mitt Romney.  Whether it was the lack of a post convention bounce or his personal blunders involving Libya and the 47% of America.  One thing is clear, he needs to turn it around. This past month has seen Romney fall behind Obama in the polls.  Mitt Romney needs to do something and he needs to do it now.

As described in the Politico article “Defining moment eludes Mitt Romney” by Ginger Gibson, Romney has been playing it a little too safe.  His campaign has been rather unremarkable and repetitive.  Wherever Mitt has been speaking, he has used similar talking points and been in front of similar flag backgrounds.  Romney’s campaign tours have been void of excitement which is essential to garner support.  This lack of energy may be due to the fact that the campaign wants to avoid making mistakes.  The fact is mistakes have already been made.  If you want voters to forget the mishaps you need to replace those mistakes with defining campaign moments.  Romney needs to have a memorable speech or event that will excite the GOP and sway those who are undecided.

Unfortunately even fellow GOP supporters are criticizing the Romney campaign. “They’re in cookie-cutter mode.”- Unnamed GOP Strategist.  This dissension from within the GOP isn’t a good sign when at this point in the game the Republican party should be firmly united to elect their candidate.  To combat this internal fracturing Romney needs a moment that will energize his base that he can also build on to go after undecided voters.

To attract undecided voters, the campaign needs to ‘fabricate’ sporadic moments aimed at painting Romney as more human.  As said in the article Romney needs to visit small local communities where their will be the excitement of a visiting candidate.  These small events not only garner that areas support, but they also create media buzz.  A clip of Romney eating at a local diner on the news counteracts the Obama campaigns image of Romney as rich and disconnected with the middle class.  After Romney’s 47% comments he needs to make this connection more than ever.

Time is running out, but Romney still has a fighting chance.  If he can connect with undecided voters at this critical time he can win the election.  However the status quo will no longer suffice.  It is time for Romney to go big or go home.

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-Will Kunin 9/30


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