Presidential Debate Expectations

The anticipation is high for this Wednesday night’s debate. Most voters will be rooting for their candidate before they even see the debate, but what about those undecided voters? Will Mitt Romney convince key independent voters in swing states? Or will Barack Obama control the debate? In this article it discusses Obama’s “four-corners offense”. In the past Obama generally dominates his debates by “controlling the ball” and giving no opportunity for his opponents to “steal the ball” from him. In order to control the debate Romney needs to stay focused on the economy and it’s current state under the Obama administration. Recently, Romney has made several public blunders from insulting 47 percent of America to incorrectly responding to United States ambassador to Libya Chris Steven’s death. Romney needs to make a big splash in the presidential debates in order to win key states. Unfortunately for Romney, he it not used to being behind in the polls. In the article it states that, “95 percent of the debates in the republican presidential primaries, Romney was the front runner.” In this debate Romney needs to be the aggressor and give clear answers regarding the economy; however, in past debates Romney doesn’t answer the questions given to him. For example, in South Carolina republican debate Romney dodges most questions directed at him. The video is linked below:

Interestingly, the news station showing the footage is Fox, a generally right leaning station, but the video was paid for and authorized by the democratic national committee. Despite what happens during the actual debate both candidates will inevitably be declared the winner by their own parties. What will be important to the candidates, especially Romney, will be if their message convinces independent voters. Given Romney’s track record and Obama’s experience I predict that Obama will poll higher after the debates; however, if Romney completely turns it around and stays focused on the economy he might have a chance to surpass Obama.

-Jenna Mowat (9.30.12)

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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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