“Pay No Taxes – Obama TV Ad”

Picture from “The Art of Manliness 
    After the leak of Candidate Mitt Romney’s 47% comment at a private fundraising event, President Obama’s campaign responded with an intriguing presidential campaign ad. To say the least, it was cleverly constructed. The ad portrays Candidate Romney as an unfit representative for the country, who neglects some of our socially and economically fragile citizens. The narrator’s deep, yet soothing voice sets the tone for the material, emphasizing the seriousness of Candidate Romney’s comment. With a selection of pictures that display happy-looking multicultural faces, the campaign attempts to show its sensitivity for the diversity of our country and cleverly picks three vulnerable groups; veterans, the elderly and the disabled, to represent the groups Candidate Romney appears to marginalize. Lastly, the campaign carefully selected a quote to target. These characteristics collectively depict Candidate Romney as an inadequate leader for our country.
      Candidate Romney’s recent political mistakes with the 47% comment and other comments within the same speech, gave President Obama’s campaign a nicely wrapped political-strategy-present. President Obama’s campaign ad further utilizes Candidate Romney’s words by highlighting his “my job is not to worry about those people” comment. In President Obama’s Late Show with David Letterman interview, he further exploits this quote when he discusses his reaction to the Republican party participants after his election in 2008. He expresses his dedication to be everyone’s president, which counters Candidate Romney’s comment even more (2:06). That’s not it; Obama continues to acknowledge the importance of representing the entire country as president (2:14) and lastly, President Obama throws one more verbal punch when he expresses his presidential expectation that the elected representative must work for everyone (2:30). The 47% comment and many others in Candidate Romney’s speech gave the Obama campaign an opportunity to show many voters that Candidate Romney may be an unfit representative for the country, suggesting that, he is unwilling to represent the whole country. The Obama campaign found a way to counteract Candidate Romney’s comment in a subtle, but powerful manner through the presidential ad and President Obama’s responses in his interview with David Letterman. Both responses to the 47% comment were cohesive, and I think, effective. Touché.
-Eleni D.
(Author of “The American Dream” blog post, as well)

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This is a blog about the 2012 presidential election. Content is generated by students in Professor Heldman's Politics 101 class. She does not necessarily endorse the views expressed here.
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