Pastors Protest Hobby Lobby Birth Control Fight in Oklahoma


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I found this article from the Huffington Post very interesting on the birth control issue. It rallies between the government policies and the views of religious company owners. Pastors in Oklahoma were protesting the fact that the Hobby Lobby company is required by the government to carry the “morning after” and “week after” birth control medications because they believe that it is not simply a contraceptive, but a form of abortion.

Reading this article, I am torn. I have very strong beliefs that women should have the right to use these pills whether or not they are forms of abortion. The part that I struggle with however is that the company owner of Hobby Lobby himself is a very religious man. I believe that private companies can decide what they want to put on their shelves due to their personal or religious beliefs. The Hobby Lobby is a government owned company, therefore whatever the government decides to put on the shelves is not necessarily debatable. I sympathize with the company owner and his beliefs, but I feel that he needs to put his views aside and allow women to make their own choices with the pills and allow them access to such drugs.


Zoe Hamilton


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