Two Economic Paths

Job Numbers Dissappoint: Did Obama Know?

With the undesirable economic state at the heart of this election, both candidates are focusing on their economic plans for America.  President Obama, in his DNC speech as well as throughout his campaign, has emphasized that his path will not be easy or short, but will lead to a better future for America due to its focus on building a stronger middle class.  President Obama has continuously critiqued the Romney ticket’s economic plan with slogans like, “It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.”

I find it interesting that these two economic plans are so different, and that the candidates take such pride in these differences.  Normally in elections, candidates play towards a moderate stance in attempt to gain the largest amount of voters.  I am not saying that President Obama’s plan is socialist or extreme, but it is certainly a very different path from the one that Romney is offering.  I think it is important to note that he is playing up that difference rather than trying to minimize it.

As the linked video notes, I think that the President is hoping this contrast will force voters to look more closely at the two plans rather than the current economic state.  Hopefully, voters will see that although the economy is not fully recovered, it is certainly on a path to recovery that will provide a more stable future.  It will invest in the middle class through education and higher taxes on the upper class.  Through this contrast, I feel that Obama is hoping to gain favor with the middle class and give them hope that despite the disappointing jobs report that was released Friday, his plan will provide them with more future economic opportunities.  I thought that this image is a good example of President Obama trying to reach the voters by emphasizing the differences between the economic plans of “trickle-down” and building the middle class.  Clearly, each candidate is trying to appear as if its opponents plan will keep America in an undesirable economic state.  Both are preying on the fear of the American people of continued economic recession by highlighting the stark contrast in their economic plans. Which path will the American voters choose?


(Paige Dow, Politics 101)


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One Response to Two Economic Paths

  1. Rev. Ed Bolella says:

    What is the plan from Gov. Romney? He seems to be trying to” acquire” a plan by proximity to Congressman Ryan? When his staff said campaigns are an “etch-a-sketch” he gave us a glimpse into his campaign. I think of the old TV Show “What’s My Line” whenever I hear Gov. Romney discuss policy. It closed by asking “Will the Real (Gov. Romney) please stand up?” I cannot judge his views because I am not sure what is authentic.

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